Craig Savage
Vice President | Senior Technical Recruiter - M&T Bank

Craig works in partnership with M&T Bank’s Technology Department as a consultative talent acquisition and business relationship professional. Tech-savvy, with a passion for securing top talent, solving problems, and exceeding expectations. With 10 years of experience as an Infotech member, Craig is excited to join the board in 2019. As a Buffalonian, he has a passion to act as an advocate and activist in the elevation and evolution of Buffalo’s technology community.

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Maggie Shea, CPA
InfotechWNY Board Treasurer and Partner - StaffBuffalo LLC

Maggie Shea, CPA is the Managing Partner of StaffBuffalo.  Maggie handles all Accounting, Operations, and Technology implementations, customizations, and trainings and she enjoys streamlining functions to make it easier for her staff members to give the best service to their clients.  Maggie serves in Accounting, Communications, and Technology capacities on various Boards within WNY and is an integral part of the community.  As the Treasurer of InfoTech WNY, Maggie is excited to blend her love for Technology and Accounting!


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Liz Sujka

Liz has worked in the Buffalo technical community for over 25 years. Her ability to solve complex challenges and consistently innovate has positioned her as a leader and problem solver.  Holding several roles ranging from Help Desk through Director of Marketing, she now is the Chief Marketing Officer for 888VOIP, a Buffalo based nationwide distributor of VOIP hardware and software solutions. Liz's technical background has uniquely positioned her for success in this role.  She consistently brings her understanding of technology and its application to solve complex challenges within organizations creating a continuous model for growth. Liz is a graduate of Canisius College.