Jupyter Notebooks by Joel Bennett (Microsoft MVP)

Wednesday, January 13th
Wed, Jan 13th, 6:00pm - Wed, Jan 13th, 8:00pm

Jupyter Notebooks, the Swiss Army Knife of Data Programming

Description: In this presentation, Joel "Jaykul" Bennett will show us the broad applicability of the data programmer's notebook! You may have heard of Jupyter notebooks for data query and manipulation, and you may know they work with dozens of programming languages and rich visualizations, but notebook can do almost anything you can imagine! In this presentation we'll get a glimpse into some of the great ways you can explore, manipulate, collaborate, and present your data, as well as some of the tools helping you take your notebooks further. From builds to web-based presentations, what can't you do with a notebook and some duct tape?

Joel will be using Python, C#, and PowerShell during the presention for some of his demos.

Presenter: Joel Bennett (Rochester Native and Microsoft MVP)

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