You Have a Great Idea - Now What?

Wednesday, November 9th
Wed, Nov 9th, 12:00pm - Wed, Nov 9th, 1:00pm

You have a great idea and now what? You talk with your friends and family, and they love it. You reach out to your colleagues, and they like it. You can’t sleep at night and believe in your heart that this idea could be the next big thing! In this session, we walk through some proven steps to bring your “Gizmo Concept” to market. 

For hardware or software we walk through the Value Proposition, then iterations and steps to an MVP, Minimal Viable Product, to prove out your product and customer fitness.  Sam Marrazzo, EMBA '14, is Chief Innovation Officer with the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, Inc. (BNMC). He provides leadership for the continued development of an innovative, reliable, and secure information technology environment throughout the organization and community. Sam is responsible for a wide variety of strategic technologies including innovation strategy, and networking throughout the community working with industry, education, and with start-ups. 

Sam offers dynamic leadership ability to re-envision business solutions and revolutionize technology deployment that achieves impactful change across the company footprint. With broad-based career wins across accounting and supply chain systems, logistics, sales, and transportation. He is also an adjunct instructor with the UB School of Management, focusing on management science and systems and product management. Sam co-created a co-op program that requires students to work with local companies' product management teams.