Job Posting: Full Stack Developer/SQL

Company Hiring
Lighthouse Technology Services
Job Title
Full Stack Developer/SQL
Job Description
We are looking for a full stack developer, someone capable of developing both backend/frontend solutions using SQL Server. 
Designs, writes, and maintains programs, tests, debugs, researches and implements computer functions, screens, procedures, subroutines and workflows, specifically in the area of business solutions for desktop applications. 
Works with other programmers and managers to determine what support is needed.


Bachelor's degree in Information Systems or related discipline.
Five (5) years of experience in programming T-SQL and C#. 
Preferred Skills:

Transact-SQL, .NET, Perl, C/C++, Linux.
Physical Requirements:

Required to sit for long periods of time.
Work Environment:

Office/Warehouse/Production environment. 
Duties & Responsibilities:

Assists in the design and implementation of new applications.
Works with others in developing and implementing support software.
Debugs and maintains programs.
Writes new documentation and maintains old documentation to reflect current program status.
Evaluates user requests for new or modified computer processes to determine feasibility, and what platform would be best suited for the process.
Identify current operating procedures and clarify program objectives.
Supports users by providing new data reporting, processes, workflows, screens and tools for users.
Formulates plan outlining steps required to develop program and submit for approval.
Converts project specifications into sequence of detailed instructions and logical steps for coding into language understandable by computer.
Enters program code into computer system. Enters commands into computer to run and test program.
Replaces, deletes, or modifies code to correct errors. Performs maintenance requests for problems.
Analyzes, reviews, and alters program to increase operating efficiency or adapt to new requirements.
Writes documentation to describe program development, logic, coding, and corrections. Helps users to solve operating problems.
Recreates steps taken by user to locate source of problem and rewrites program to correct errors. 
Other Responsibilities:

Maintains a clean and organized work/storage area.
Additional duties not listed above that management deems necessary for this position.
Reads manuals, periodicals, and technical reports to learn ways to develop programs that meet user requirements.
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